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A New Voyage On An Old Boat

“The father of the child is asleep in the heart of all children.”

It’s a universal truth that has two meanings -

1] the child inherits all the good qualities of the father (parents) through the genes, and

2] again, from parents, various flaws in the character, including six true diseases, are inherited through the genes.

● The old idea here refers to “the old boat” [According to S. Hahnemann, §1, “The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure…” and according to J. T. Kent, “That patient has the same disease he had when he was born. This array of symptoms represents the same state before the pathological conditions have been formed as after.”]

● The new idea here refers to “a new voyage” [“Philosophy of early life of an individual” should be the only recourse of the physician in the medical field, neither sign and symptom nor rubric.]

Let’s start our new voyage, “the practice of the true system of medicine” (S. Hahnemann) i.e. practicing “Real Homoeopathy” (J. T. Kent), and be thrice blessed by the Divine Creator of the world.


“§1 THE physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure …..” [“Organon of Medicine” by C. F. S. Hahnemann] Considering § 81 and “The Chronic Diseases” by S. Hahnemann, the word “sick” denotes the state where an individual has latent state of psoric miasm, which has gradually passed, in some hundreds of generations, through many millions of human organisms, by not producing any disagreeable sensation and morbid symptoms. (§ 11).

● According to the principles of Real Homoeopathy, the word “sick” denotes (apparently) healthy individual who contains inactive harmful group of genes, responsible for different true diseases. Different harmful proteins produced by different groups of harmful genes are neutralized by beneficial proteins which are produced by beneficial group of genes, from which vital force originates. When harmful genes become overactive with the external as well as internal environments, the activities of beneficial genes are not observed. The harmonious cellular activities are disturbed by the excess harmful products in the cell. As a result, the internal economy of an individual becomes poisonous and different disagreeable sensations i.e. sufferings from different results of disease start gradually.

● All existing therapeutic systems, including classical homoeopathy, treat an individual for the present sufferings considering present symptoms, rubrics and pathological reports and give relief shortly, but the person becomes worse and worse gradually [J. T. Kent]. Real Homoeopathy, the exception, treats an individual without considering present sufferings, symptoms, rubrics and pathological reports, giving importance only to the philosophy of early life which is the proof of presence of active harmful genes, responsible for one or more true disease(s). Dr. Shyamal Kumar Das Since overactive harmful genes cause present sufferings, so any treatment that doesn’t consider philosophy of early life, responsible for one or more true diseases, causes complicated situations in the higher center, in the form of deviation from ideology, distortion of thought process and perversions with amelioration of physical symptoms. Due to such a complex mental state, painful physical sufferings from different results of disease, such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic renal failure, cardiac problem, liver problem, problem in the brain, etc., start gradually. Physical and mental peace and also simplicity is taken away from an individual with these types of existing therapeutic systems. “Prescribing for the results of disease causes changes in the results of disease, but not in the sickness except to hurry its progress.” [“Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy” by James Tyler Kent, Chapter: ‘The Sick’, Page 23] A New Voyage With Real Homoeopathy

● Different abnormal behavior, sinful acts and criminal activities are the results of the procedure of treatment for quick amelioration of sufferings, without giving importance and consideration to the philosophy of early life i.e. active true diseases controlled by different active harmful genes.

● Only Real Homoeopathy allows a person to be free from any undesired inherited trait and also from any complicated mental as well as physical conditions created by suppressive and palliative type of treatment.

● A perfectly healthy individual or citizen is the invaluable resource of a family, a society, a country and also of the world—who can establish peace everywhere i.e. can make this world Paradise. ● Since the activities of harmful group of genes of an individual can be annihilated permanently, with Real Homoeopathic treatment. Vital force with stable state will establish harmonious cellular activities with which the indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of their existence.

● So, another name of a scientific application of a therapeutic system is Real Homoeopathy. ● Regarding treatment, the prescription for an individual by the followers of Real Homoeopathy, all over the world, remains same.

● Since Real Homoeopathic therapeutic system does not depend on the symptoms of the results of disease but on the symptoms of true diseases i.e. philosophy of early life, an

● Real Homoeopathic therapeutic system is able to awaken a sense of brotherhood, humanity towards others, love and affection for the little ones, respect for the elders or seniors and feeling of duty and responsibility for others in an individual. As a result, family and social bonds remain intact and the elderly members of the family are not seen in a helpless state, as there will be no activity of harmful genes and only activity of beneficial genes, responsible for vital force with stable state, will be present.

● This therapeutic system can enrich the rural economy by maintaining the health of domestic animals and birds. ● The appropriate application of Real Homoeopathic therapeutic system can help the farmers by preventing attacks of various diseases and insect on different crops, and make them economically prosperous.

● Unemployment problem can be solved by helping people engaged in fishing, various animal husbandry and poultry Dr. Shyamal Kumar Das individual’s treatment begins at any time if there is no adverse situation or suffering. No tissue destruction, no pathology, no pain, no suffering and no surgical measure will have to taken in future. With this therapeutic system, inherited problems can be overcome very easily. No special child will born if the parents are treated with this therapeutic system before any adverse situation starts.

●●● Formation of good character in an individual is possible only with this therapeutic system, as there will be no activity of harmful genes. A New Voyage With Real Homoeopathy Rearing, etc. By preventing and curing different infections, people will become economically self-sufficient.

● Through the above efforts, human beings can get healthy food and environment, and different generations can enjoy beautiful and peaceful lives. “GO BACK” procedure of Real Homoeopathic therapeutic system, therefore, can make this world a paradise. “I must warn the reader that indolence, love of ease and obstinacy preclude effective service at the altar of truth, and only freedom from prejudice and untiring zeal qualify for the most sacred of all human occupations, the practice of the true system of medicine. The physician who enters on his work in this spirit becomes directly assimilated to the Divine Creator of the world, whose human creatures he helps to preserve, and whose approval renders him thrice blessed.” [ORGANON OF MEDICINE BY Samuel Hahnemann, Preface to the first edition]